About me


Jéssica Carneiro

Publicist, born in Fortaleza, a passport stamp collector.

I am...

Cancer ♋ 70%
Empathic 100%
Creative 100%
Goal-driven 100%


Photoshop 100%
Illustrator 100%
InDesign 100%
Pacote Office 100%
Wordpress 100%
E-mail Marketing 100%
SEM 80%
Google Analytics 70%

Graduated in Advertisement and Propaganda. Master's Degree in Psychology. Experienced in the areas of Digital Marketing and B2B (Business to Business) Customer Service and Client Prospecting, I have strong interpersonal and negotiation skills. I am also experienced in Art Direction, Social Media Strategy and Web Content Marketing.

PhD in Psychology
Master in Psychology
BA in Advertisement and Propaganda

Clientes who worked with me

Jessica is a dynamic professional who is always looking to improve her knowledge. She stands out for meeting deadlines, dealing well with challenges and having excellent interpersonal relationships.

Leandro Lima

Senior Brand Strategy, Carbono Digital
Jéssica has that restlessness that only the creative have. That relentless desire to make a difference, to get out of the ordinary. In the opportunities I had to work with Jéssica Carneiro I always surprised myself, positively, of course. Something new, creative and original always came. And the best part: the innovations worked! Do you know when you have security in someone's ability?  In this great professional I fully trust.

Vitor Cavalcante

Digital Marketing Manager, Grupo Dunedain.
While La Lingerie and Splendere were still operating, we had the chance to have Jessica and her team as business partners to aid us on positioning and operating our brands when it comes to digital marketing. The result was amazing during our business relationship. We were long-term clients of Jessica and her team in a variety of services, such as content development for social media. We used to have frequently business meetings to discuss our social media´s performance and to create new strategies to target goals, ongoing marketing campaigns, as well as special events, visual and branding content developed as expected to represent the brand´s style. Working with Jessica and being her client was a pleasure and was a successful partnership. She combines talent and creativity to develop branding content and publicity campaigns, with a great expertise in design. She also has businessperson abilities such as strategy perspective and psychology skills to recognize the client and brands’ needs and personality. She is dynamic, responsible, she makes herself available to work in many projects, she cares about the client, and she adjusts to the market changes fast. Besides she is very creative. Choosing Jessica as a business partner was a right decision and I would repeat it again for sure.

Karen Cisne

Human Resources, George Brown College (CAN)
Excellent work throughout the company's visual communication. Creativity, Commitment and delivery with what it promises.

Renato Siqueira

CEO, LazyCat Br
Jéssica is one of the most complete professionals in the market that I know, besides the high degree of excellence in everything it does, it has a very deep theoretical reference, which takes the results of the work to another level. The characteristics that stand out in her are perfectionism, high quality standards and sharp creativity. Moreover, she is a very committed person, always respecting the proposed deadlines.

Nayana do Vale

Customer Relationship Manager, Centro Universitário Farias Brito